Quick Thermal Conductivity Meter [QTM-500]

Quick Thermal Conductivity Meter [QTM-500]



  • Short measuring time (60 seconds)
  • Variety of thermal sensors to fit all types of sample and temperature
  • Bright and clean LC display
  • Temperature rising curve plotted during measurement
  • Linear graphic by time-log conversion of temperature curve
  • Automatic computation of heater current to heat sample (PD-11 only)
  • Automatic temperature adjustment for measurement
  • Optional printer can be connected
  • Rs-232C port for connection to computer
  • Easy calibration of sensor probe


Type and Model Name QTM-500 Quick Thermal Conductivity Meter
Measuring Method QTM-500 Quick Thermal Conductivity Meter
Measuring Range 0.023 to 12W/mK
Accuracy ±5% reading value per reference plate
Reproducibility ±3% reading value per reference plate
Temperature -10 to 200°C (Thermal bath is necessary for
measurement at different temperature than room)
Measuring Time Standard 60 seconds (specimen must be in equilibrium)
Sensor Standard 60 seconds (specimen must be in equilibrium)
Heater Current Accuracy ±0.05% of setup value
Display 30 characters 7 lines LCD with back light
Thermal conductivity: 0.xxxx ~ xxx.x W/mK
Measuring temperature: -100 to 1,000°C
Guiding message for measurement
Minimum Sample Required approx. 100 (W) x 50 (L) x 20 thick mm or more
External output RS-232C 2 channels
Thermocouple electro-motive force 1 channel
Ambient Condition Temperature: 5 to 35°C
Humidity: below 85%RH
Power Source AC 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 60W
Dimension Main unit: 300 (W) x 475 (D) x 175 (H) mm
Box probe: 100 (W) x 50 (D) x 10 (H) mm
Weight 9kg
1. PD-11 Box probe ———- One
2. Probe constant card ———- One
3. Power cord with ground wire ———- One
4. Power fuse ———- Two
5. Reference plate:
R1-2 Clear quartz in box ———- One
R2-2 silicone rubber in box ———- One
R3-2 polyethylene form in box ———- One
6. Cooling plate (aluminum) ———- One
7. Brush ———- One
8. Operating manual ———- One

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