Multipoint Heat Flow Meter [HFM-215N]

Multipoint Heat Flow Meter [HFM-215N]

Connectable with all heat flow sensors.

  • 3.5-inch color TFT LCD.
  • High capacity external memory (16MB) can store data of 55 hours when eight sensors of sensor constant A/B type are connected and sampling rate is set at one second.
  • Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX) enables data collection through network.
  • Equipped with e-mail transmitting, Web server, FTP server and FTP client functions. RS-485, RS-232C and USB communication devices can also be used.
  • Both rechargeable battery and AC adapter can be used.
  • Equipped with shoch-resistant rubber cushions.


Item Specifications
Measurement Object Heat flow and temperature
Display Range Heat Flow: 0 to ±99,999 W/m²
Temperature: -40 to 750°C
Selectable Units Heat flow (W/m2), + Temperature (°C)
Heat flow (W/m2), Temperature (°C)
Sampling Cycle 200/500 ms, 1/2/5/10/20/30 sec, 1/2/5/10/30 min, 1h
Display Update Approx. 1 sec
What to Display Waveform, bar chart, values of heat flow
and waveform plus such values
A and B Constants A and B sensor constants can be input by key entry
Number of Sensors Sensor constant A/B type, sensor constant A type
that requires temperature data Up to eight (8)
Sensor constant A type that requires no temperature data
Up to sixteen (16)
Internal Memory 16 MB
Stores data of 55 hours with eight (8) sensors of sensor constant
A/B type at sampling rate of one (1) second
External Memory Device Compact Flash Type II, SD card, USB flash drive (copy only)
External Communication Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX), Web server,
FTP server, FTP client e-mail transmitting functions
Compliant with USB Rev 1.1,
RS-232C, RS-485
Power Source Rechargeable battery: lasts for approx. seven (7) hours
of continuous use on a full charge of about eight (8) hours.
(RT 25°C, measurement cycle of five minutes or more,
backlighting auto off in five minutes or less,
data communication not in use.)
Comes with AC adapter (AC 100 to 240 V) as standard
Ambient Conditions Temperature:
0 to 50°C (0 to 40°C when using with battery)
Humidity: 5 to 85%RH
Dimension Approx. 155 (W) x 155 (H) x 55(D) mm (6.1 (W) x 6.1 (H) x 2.17 (D) in)
(Not including projection portions and rubber cushions)
Weight Approx. 800g (1.76 lbs) (Not including battery and rubber cushions)
AC Adapter ———- One
Mini USB cable ———- Two
Standard Software for PC ———- One
Lithium-ion Battery ———- One
Operation Manual ———- One
Options Application Software <Enables real-time display and control>

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