BeeProg2/BeeProg2C multiprogramming

BeeProg2/BeeProg2C multiprogramming

Find out how to use BeeProg2 or BeeProg2C programmer in High Volume Production Application.


The BeeProg2/BeeProg2C programmer is extremely fast and totally reliable universal programmer that support 94968 chips by actual 3.24 version of software (12. May. 2016).

The BeeProg2/Beeprog2C programmer is basically intended as powerfull engineering programmer, useable also as a single-site programmer in volume production.

What about multiprogrammer and requirements for multiprogramming?

Check please the application note optimal solution for multiprogramming about multiprogramming basics.

By operating multiple BeeProg2/BeeProg2C programmers simultaneouslyyou can use them in high volume production environment – other words, using more BeeProg2/BeeProg2C programmers you can get a universal, up to 4 programming sites multiprogrammer with 48-pin DIP ZIF sockets, connects to PC by USB port. It is important to mention, there is a concurrent multiprogramming system – each programmer works independently and each programmer can program different chip, if necessary.


Benefits of the BeeProg2/BeeProg2C multiprogramming solution:

  1. In generally, the BeeProg2/BeeProg2C multiprogramming system take advantage of all benefits of BeeProg2/BeeProg2C programmer.
  2. BeeProg2/BeeProg2C programmer is a high performance universal programmer supporting 94968 devices and growing. We add new devices at a rate of about 4,000 devices/year and new software update is released monthly at least.  Most gang programmers have limited number of supported devices, because they haven’t universal hardware. It also takes very long time for device update and the cost could be high. The abilities to add new devices for BeeProg2/BeeProg2C multiprogramming system is as unlimited because of BeeProg2/BeeProg2C’s universal hardware and the software updates are free of charge.
  3. BeeProg2/BeeProg2C programmer is extremely fast. It is faster than most gang programmers. Therefore the multiprogramming solution based on the BeeProg2/BeeProg2C programmer can program more chips in a day than a traditional gang multiprogrammer.
  4. Asynchronous (Concurrent) programming is more efficient than the synchronous (gang) programming of traditional gang programmers. In the concurrent multiprogramming mode each site operate independently. The programming starts as soon as a device is inserted into ZIF socket. Before the last device is loaded, the first device is already programmed and ready for removal. Operator is busy removing and inserting chips, so both the operator and programmer are running continuously at maximum efficiency. In standard gang programmer operation, the operator is idle while chips are being programmed, and the programmer is idle while chips are being removed and new chips inserted. Therefore for the medium programming times you can easily do the job of an 8-gang programmer with 2-4 of BeeProg2/BeeProg2C programmers.
  5. We provide a wide range of programming adapters, therefore there is none problem to program also chips in the special packages. The very big sockets can be supported, such as PLCC84, TQFP176, etc. Most gang programmers are designed with narrow spacing between sockets.
  6. The special software (PG4UWMC = PG4UW Multiprogramming control) is available for controlling of the BeeProg2/BeeProg2C programmers in the BeeProg2/BeeProg2C multiprogramming mode. There is used a project fileto control the BeeProg2/BeeProg2C multiprogramming. Project file contains user data, chip programming setup information, chip configuration data, auto programming command sequence, etc. Therefore the operator error is minimized, because the project file is normally created and proofed by engineering and then given to the operator. The optional protected mode can be set for project file to avoid a unwanted changes of the project file.


PG4UW Multiprogramming control software is standard part of PG4UW software delivery.

  1. Hands-free operation. Asynchronous (concurrent) operation allows a chip to begin programming immediately upon insertion of a chip. The operator merely removes the finished chip and inserts a new chip. Operator training is therefore minimized.
  2. Service is easy. If one unit breaks down, the rest of the system is still running while having the defective unit serviced. You cannot do this with standard gang multiprogrammers.

Recommendations for BeeProg2/BeeProg2C multiprogramming system:

  • use enough powerful PC, for example min. Pentium 4; 1GHz (2GHz recommended) for 2x BeeProg2/BeeProg2C
  • use OS Microsoft 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8.1 32-bit and 64-bit
  • use external 1/4 USB HUB rater, then connect the programmers to the USP port of the PC
  • we’ve tested many USB hubs and we got best result with the Cypress chips based USB hubs.
  • don’t use USB 1.1 interface/hub/components

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