All-in-One Analyzer [ASCA-6400]

All-in-One Analyzer [ASCA-6400]


The ASCA-6400 presents a new concept of analysis, consisting of high-precision Density / Specific Gravity Meter, Refractometer and newly-designed Gondola-transfer Sampler with all built in the compact chassis.

  • Accommodates full 48 samples(in 20mL vial) at a time.
  • Guarantees high-precision measurement for anybody with ease of use.
  • Perfectly fits fragrance, brewing and beverage makers who deal with many testings on a daily basis.


1) Least Bench Space

Even with 48 samples in 20mL vial that can be set at a time, it occupies less than the half space of conventional system (WBA-500 Series + CHD-502N).

2) Easy Measurement

Sample can be changed and added even after measurement has started. Just set samples to cartridge which can carry four (4) vials by gondola of main unit.

3) Safety Measures

STOP button for emergency stop. Instrument will be stopped when the door is open. Various sensors monitor and halt the system at once when the instrument detect a symptom of alarm.

4) Auto Power Off

Auto power off allows measurement unattended at night time.

5) Effective Sampling

The vial will be inclined when sampling so that all sample liquid in vial can be aspirated for the most effective use.

6) Control from PC and Data Transmission

ASCA-6400 is controlled from PC with the special PC control software, Revela. Measurement results are automatically saved to PC in CSV format, which allows you to directly import the data into Microsoft Excel®.


Name All-in-One Analyzer
Model ASCA-6400
Samples Beverages, Flavor and Fragrance, etc
Measuring Range Density : 0 – 3.0g / cm3 (no viscosity correction)
Refractive Index : nD 1.32 – 1.70
Temperature Control 15 – 40°C (every 1°C) ±0.03°C
Accuracy*1 Density : ±0.00005g / cm3
Refractive Index : nD ±0.0001
Repeatability*1 Density : S.D. 0.00005g / cm3
Refractive Index : S.D. nD 0.0001
Number of Samples Maximum 48 Samples available (20mL vial)
Minimum Amount of Sample Approx. 5.5mL
Sample transportation method Gondola-style cartridge transportation method
* Addition and exchange of vials are available in measuring.
Sampling Type Vacuum Sampling
Sequence ASCA-6400 is controlled via PC with the special PC control software, Revela.
Measurement parameters and cleaning parameters can be set according to samples.

  • Cleaning can be set for each sample.
  • Temperature can be set for each sample.
Auto Power OFF Available
Safety Functions
  • Emergency stop
  • Auto stop with various sensors detecting error
  • Auto interruption by canopy opening
Local ventilation Option
Ambient Conditions Temperature : 10 – 30°C
Humidity : 85%RH or below (No condensation allowed.)
Store Conditions Temperature : -10 – 50°C
Humidity : 85%RH or below (No condensation allowed.)
Power Supply AC100V-240V 50-60Hz
Power Consumption Max. 300 W
Dimensions/Weight 420 (W) x 545 (D) x 671 (H) mm / Approx. 65kg
CE marking NON-CE

*1 : By KEM’s standard measurement conditions.

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